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A FREE Multi-Player Online Game of Diplomacy & Conquest

1483 Online is a turn based strategy game where 28 to 95 players control leading nations in the world from the year 1483AD and use diplomacy to forge alliances and command armies to expand their empire and conquer the world! 1483 Online is FREE to Download and FREE to play, so Create an Account now!. No money, credit cards or checks required. All free accounts allow players to play in up to 8 games on an ongoing basis. For more information read our About 1483 pages.   --Now in Open Beta Testing--

[-]  Game Play Tutorials
Check out our HTML and Video tutorials to learn how to play 1483 Online.

[-]  Enhanced Membership Packages
Upgrade your accounts to get discouns on Guild of Blades products, extra game credits, enhanced mail features and access to 1483 Game variants.

[-]  Strategic Essays on Video
Visit our strategic essays on video to learn valuable game play tips and strategies on how to best play the various nations. You can also submit your own 1483 game play strategic video.

[-] View the Game Map below to see the starting game positions or visit the Nation pages for more detailed information on each nation you can play.

[-] For up to date information on 1483 Online and other Empires of History games drop by our Discussion Forums.

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Click the map below to see the game map at full size with starting troop set ups.

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