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9/18/09    Signing up for 1st Space Wars game!.
We are now looking for alpha testers for a Space War variant using the new 1483 game editor software. This is primarily a test for the new editor, so we need folks interested in helping to aggressively search for and report on bugs. Read More...

2/24/08    My 1483 Page Changes.
1483 Online has been listed in a number of download sites and we're on a membership drive. Pages are being updated to better help new players. You can help also by..... Read More

2/23/08    Pantheons Online Update.
No coding has been done on Pantheons Online yet, what with 1483 Full World design in full swing, but Pantheons Online Pantheons have been updated..... Read More

2/20/08    Forums Post Validation.
Due to a constant flood of spammers, we've added a validation feature to the forums you will need to use when posting. Look for the # of infantry..... Read More

2/08/08    1430 AD Variant Launched.
The 29 player 1430 AD game variant for the Europe 1483 Online game map has been released. You will need to download and install ver 1.7 of the software in order to play.... Read More