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1483 Online News Updates

All news for the Empires of History Online Gaming Network

4/08/08    Signing up for 1st Full World Game!.
After more than 1 1/2 years in development, we are at the final stages of development on 1483 Full World. You can sign up to game 117, the first Full World Game now. Come join in the first Full World game and help us beta test this 95 player monster. You can also download the 1483 Full World sample game application on our Downloads. The new software is loaded with new features. So drop by the forums and read all about them.

3/05/08    1483 Blitz Games.
The new Blitz Games format is now available for play for 1483 Online. The first Blitz Games will run on March, Sat 8th and Sun 9th, both starting at noon, EST. The first Blitz Game on Saturday, March 8th will be a 1430 game in celebration of the recently release of the 1430 game variant. Henceforth the Guild plans to host Blitz Games every Saturday and Sunday and will consider hosting Blitz Games at other time periods as well, based on player feedback and demand. You can ready more about the Blitz Games format on our Discussion Forums.

2/24/08    My 1483 Page Changes.
1483 Online has been listed in a number of download sites and we're on a membership drive. Pages are being updated to better help new players learn what 1483 is and how to play. Your will see a lot of minor html web site layout changes in the weeks to come. We've made changes to the main 1483 page, My 1483 page, Enhanced Memvership Upgrade page, added in the new video pay tutorial and have plans to update the About 1483 page, Rules page and Help pages. You can help also by pouring over the 1483 site and letting us know what you feel is confusing or could be presented more clearly. We're open to any ideas to help new players in learning 1483 Online. With Full World 1483 coming shortly, the Guild's marketing plan for the 1483 venture will begin in earnest and we're going to have a LOT of new players signing up to games. Help us to make the site as ready for these players as possible.

2/23/08    Pantheons Online Update.
No coding has been done on Pantheons Online yet, what with 1483 Full World design in full swing, but Pantheons Online is actively being developed for content presently. Feel free to jump over to the website to read about all of the units among the 53 player Pantheons. Information on Interloper Factions, Technoogies and more will be available shortly.

2/20/08    Forums Post Validation.
Due to a constant flood of spammers, we've added a validation feature to the forums you will need to use when posting. When trying to make a post in our forums you will now need to validate yourself as a real user. To beat the spam bots, this system has needed to be one of those image based systems. At the bottom of the posting page, look for the image next to the validation line. You will see an image with a variety of game units there. Simply tally up the total number of infantry displayed within the image and that is the numerical answer to be placed in the validation form.

2/10/08    Player Rankings & Reliability.
A new player ranking and player reliability system has been suggested. Details on this program can be read in our Discussion Forums. Plan is currently to implement these new systems when we release the Full World software. Simply put, there will be a "Reliability" score that players will be assigned. This will be based on earning 1 Reliability Point whenever you play in a game until you are eliminated or until the end of that game. You will lose 3 Reliability Points when you get booted from a game by not playing your turns for two turns in a row. The idea is to encourage all players to play each position the best that they can, even when getting stomped out by overwhelming odds. If all players will do this, 1483 becomes a much better game for everyone. Rewards will become available for players with good Reliability scores. Such as we will introduce "Advanced Games" with the lowest tier of Advanced Game likley to require 10 Reliability Score in order to allowed to join. This will begin to create a game play environment where dedicated players will be guaranteed a game full of all dedicated players, and also by creating tiers to our Advanced Games system, we'll also be able to begin to offer a competitive tournament structure.

Player Rakings will be something entirely different. Starting with the Full World release, there will be a "vote" phase where players may vote to make the current turn being played the turn the game ends on. A 60% majority vote will see a game ended. Any players remaining in the game when it ends wil have a chance to earn Ranking Points. These are based off of a "Benchmark" system where each nation has a series of 10 Benchmarks they can potentially achieve, where a "Benchmark" is an amount of resource growth the nation has recieved. Each nation has its own Benchmark levels, based upon its size and the difficulty of its positon on the game map. These benchmarks are posted in the forums presently and are open for discussion. Now if your chance to influence the benchmark levels for each nation before the system gets coded.

2/08/08    1430 AD Variant Launched.
The 29 player 1430 AD game variant for the Europe 1483 Online game map has been released. You will need to download and install ver 1.7 of the software in order to play. The new 1430 Ad variant is playable through the same set of software. It offers a 29 player variant set in the year 1430 Ad where the power dynamics have changed much. The Golden Horde is the strongest nation on the map, Russia is split between the Principalities of Vladimir and Novogorod, Denmark and Sweden are united in the Union of Kalmar. Spain has not yet been united and is split between the Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon, The Ottomans have not yet taken Constantinople. This and more make 1430 Ad a very different game to play than 1483.

1/15/08    Status on Full World.
Full World development continues at breakneck speeds. We have A functional map with zoom functions, territories that highlight to show a units movement options and more. Full world is going to be a quantum leap forward in the sophistication of the 1483 program. Stay tunned for more information to come shortly. Get ready for its massive 95 player game environment, the largest game of its kind online to date.

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