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About 1483 Online

1483 Online is a multi player turn based strategy game played over the Internet. Each game supports up to 28 players, each assuming control of one kingdom or nation in Europe, North Africa or the Middle East as they existed in the year 1483 AD. You guide your nation by making treaties with other players and by using your military to defend your nation and to conquer other players. Beware the backstab, for as sure as I type this, I can warn you that not all players will honor their treaties, so chose you allies well.

1483 Online is a turn based game Simultaneous Massively Multi-Player Online Turn Based Strategy Game (SMMOTBSG). That means each game supports from 28-95 players (depending on game format) and is given an update schedule. Schedules vary, such as standard games have varying updates from 1 turn per week to several turns per week on set days, fast games are 1 turn every night, and blitz games are multiple turns per hour all played out in a single day. The simultaneous aspect comes from that fact that all players have until the scheduled turn submission deadline to play and submit their turns to the game server at which time the computer takes them all, processes everyone's turn at the same time, then send out notifications that the turn is complete. At that time everyone may acces the turn results and has until the next scheduled update deadline to get their next turn in. The period in between turn updates can be used to communicate with other players to do your in game diplomacy to help you chose your actions for the turn. So 1483 is a massively multi-player game, but it is neither "real time" or "tick based". Everyone gets the same amount of time and the same schedule for playing and submitting their turns. Sorry, the ability to click your mouse quickly won't win you games here. You will have to use good strategy and diplomacy with the other players for your empire to survive and thrive.

You can download the 1483 Online game for FREE. You can also Creat An Account and play 1483 Online for free. No credit cards, checks, or bank account neccessary.

Ok, so what is the catch? Well, of course there is a catch. There is always a catch. Free players will be restricted to 8 Game Credits. This means that each player will be able to play in 8 free games at one time. Once one of those games is completed, the player will be able to then sign up for another game. Players also have the option of buying an Enhanced Membership. An Enhanced Membership bought here on 1483 Online grants you an Enhanced Membership for use across the entire Empires of History Gaming Network and costs only $9.95 per year. Your Enhanced Membership grants you a variety of benefits such as increasing your basic game credits from 8 to 15 and you will be able to use these credits on all FREE games offered on the Empires of History Network. Additionally you will get access to various Enhanced Membership features.Read our Enhanced Membership page for a complete list of current and pending membership features.

Click Here for a more detailed explanation of game formats and credits.

Additionally, Europe 1483 Online is advertising supported. Its really what allows us to bring you this great game for free. So don't be shy, please click on any of the advertisements you find here that may be of interest to you. This includes the Guild of Blades' Print Adventure Board & RPG Games as well as our growing catalog of PDF Downloadable Games. Any interested advertisers should visit our Advertise With Us page.

A little about 1483 Online

Lastly, 1483 Online, as a free game, serves as a the first free game and showcase for the new Empires of History Online Gaming Network with much more coming down the pipeline. These other games are in various stages of completeness.

Thermopylae Online
Pantheons Online
Kaiju Online
Jutland Online
World War I Online

And much more. We would love to hear your thoughts on which future games we should be developing and encourage you to let us know by posting on our Forums.

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