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1483 Online Privacy Policy

The following is the stated privacy policy for the 1483 Online game and website, as operated by the Guild of Blades Publishing Group. By creating an account on either through the website or through the downloadable 1483 Online computer game application, you agree to the Guild of Blades' privacy policy and its use of personal information gathered from its users, as outlined below.

1) All users submit select information such as first name, last name, user name, password, age, e-mail address, country of origin and perhaps state or province at the time of creating an account.

All user data collected are used for one of several reasons. User names, and first and last names are used to track customer and customer account types. Personal e-mails are used for private corresponence between the Guild of Blades and its users, including but not limited to the sending of game related update e-mails, important account notifications and other information as related to the operation of offering game play to the users. The Guild of Blades reserves the right to attach text based advertisements to e-mails sent to 1483online account holders, but in no case will an e-mail be sent solely for the purpose of sending advertisements.

All personal information gathered by the Guild of Blades by users of shall be kept as propriatary information and under no circumstance shall it be sold or otherwise shared with 3rd party companies or entities. User demographic information such as gender, age and geographical locations will be compiled so as to present overall demographic information on the user base for to potential advertisers, partners and affiliates of the Guild of Blades, but in compiling and sharing this data only general statistics shall be made available and individual user data shall remain private

2) The Guild of Blades tracks origin URL/domain web address from all visitors or users to the website. Additionally, when logging onto through your 1483 Online game application, the Guild of Blades reserves the right to log your unique IP address and program serial numbers.

This data is used for two purposes only. Tracking of URLs and domains where users came from is purely for internal Guild of Blades use and only for the purpose of understanding our own marketing efforts and value of our advertising expenditures and strategic partnerships. IP addresses and game serial numbers are expressly used for the purpose of accurately indentifying a user to prevent abuse of game rules of the program technology. All this data shall be kept private and not shared with any 3rd party.

3) User e-mails placed through the diplomacy message system shall remain private and shall not reviewed, shared or otherwise used in any manner without the express consent of the user who sent the mail. The Guild of Blades reserves the right review the content of a user's sent messages when reviewing complaints by other users with regards to violation of conduct rules as stated in the user agreeement.

4) All messages posted to the discussion forums are public statements and may be viewed by any persons also viewing the forum pages. There should be no expectation of privacy with regards to any forum posts. Additionally, the Guild of Blades reserves the right to publish quotes or other message statements in forum posts for the purpose of promoting the 1483 Online site and game.

All users may view their own profile by logging into 1483online and visiting their "My 1483" page. The Guild of Blades is not responsible for the information a user choses to enter as a part of their account profile. Though it is recommended that a user not create a 1483 user name or password that matches a user name and password used by that user in other online profiles or accounts, especially sensative data like online payment services, bank accounts, etc.


Ryan S. Johnson
President, Guild of Blades Publishing Group
409 Amesbury Dr
Davison, MI 48423, USA

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