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Uzbeck Khanate

Starting Resource: 34
-- From Land: 30
-- From Trade: 4

Capital Territory: Sverdlovsk
Nation Class: Large

Total Starting Military
Infantry: 8
Cavalry: 9
Knights: 0
Artillery: 0
Generals: 1
Merchantmen: 0
Frigates: 0
Ships of the Line: 0

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Due to Uzbek Khan that was the ruler of the Golden Horde State between the years of 1312-1340, the Turks living in Uzbekistan today have been called with the name of 'Uzbek'. Uzbek Khan had been the person who disseminated and reinforces the religion of Islam in the region. Pursuant to the death of Tamburlaine (1405), the empire was on the verge of dissolution due to the start of disintegration. Uzbek people lived in a disorganised manner in the north of Aral Sea and Seyhun River. Uzbek people declared Ebul Hayr as the Khan in the city of Sibir (in Tura that is in the west of today's Tobolsk) in the year of 1428. Ebul Hayr was from the lineage of Siban (Seyban) who was Batu's brother. Therefore, Uzbek people are sometimes called as ibani, eybani or ibanogullari people'.

Ebul Hayr captured Harezm between the years of 1403-1431 and then, he captured the castles of S??nak, Arkuk, Suzak, Akkurgan, and Ozkent on the coasts of Syr-Darya. He made Signak the centre of his region. He established dominion in the entire region extending towards Ozkent within the environs of Isik Lake.

When the country suffered from the attacks of Oyrat and Kalmuk people in the year of 1457, some conflicts and struggles came to existence. Upon this turmoil, some of the people (Kazakhs) withdrew to the side of Chagatai Khan, Esen Buga. Then, they settled in the eastern region of the country and they encountered with Khirghiz people here. Then, they were called as (Khirghiz-Kazakh people). Ebul Hayr was defeated in a war that he had fought in order to subdue the Khirghiz-Kazakh people in the year of 1468 and he died in the same year. His son, Muhammed ibani Han was only seventeen in that period. He continued the fights. Although he had very few forces around him, he defeated Kazakh Barunduk Khan. However, he was defeated by the sons of Kazakh Canibek Khan. Since he had lost all of his forces, he got into the service of Chagatai Ruler, Mahmud Khan. He took some courses from Mevlana Muhammed Htayi who was one of the most famous scholars of the period. He became a scientist and a good poet. Some of his poems written in Turkish and Farsi languages have survived until nowadays.

The Uzbecks were the largest of the splinter groups to arrive from the break up the the Golden Horde. Though their rule was short lived, by 1483 the Uzbecks had just completed a series of conflicts with other successor khanates and regional states and arrived through it with an impressive empire. But in accomplishing this feat, the Uzbeck army lay decimated and its borders begin lightly defended. The Uzbecks, due to its weakened army, must worry about an alliance of Khanates against it, such as Kazan, the Golden Horde and Mongolia. Additionally the successor states of Tamerlanes Empire, Herat and Samarkand are both large nations upon themselves and a worry. And perhaps the greatest threat lies with Russia and any possible eastward expansion. despite its size, the Uzbecks must form strong alliances in order to secure its borders.

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