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The Hasfid Caliphate

Starting Resource: 13
-- From Land: 10
-- From Trade: 3

Capital Territory: Tunis
Nation Class: Small

Total Starting Military
Infantry: 9
Cavalry: 4
Knights: 0
Artillery: 0
Generals: 1
Merchantmen: 1
Frigates: 1
Ships of the Line: 0

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The Hasfid Caliphate split of the Hafsids from the Almohads under Abu Zakariya (1229-1249). At the same time, many muslims from Andalucia fleeing the Reconquista of Castille and Aragon were absorbed and Hasfid regional power grew.

In the 14th century the empire underwent a temporary decline. Although the Hafsids succeeded for a time in subjugating the empire of the Abdalwids of Tlemcen for a time, but between 1347 and 1357 it was twice conquered by the Merinids of Morocco. These however could not defeat the Bedouin, so that the Hafsids were able to regain their empire. As at the same time epidemics of plague caused a considerable fall in population, the rule of the Hafsids was weakened further.

Under the Hafsids, piracy against Christian shipping grew stronger in the 14th century, particularly under Abd al-Aziz II (1394-1434). The profits were used for a great building programme and for the support of art and culture. However piracy also provoked retaliation from Aragon and Venice, which several times attacked Tunisian coastal cities. Under Utman (1435-1488) the Hafsids reached their last zenith, as the caravan trade through the Sahara and with Egypt was developed, as well as sea trade with Venice and Aragon.

The Hasfids begin the game as one of the smallest nations, though its position in North Africa gives it a level of Isolation and hence a cushion of security. While it has the potential to expand east or west into either Egypt or Morocco, the Hasfids strongest position lay with the ability to utilize the sea for expansion. Since the Hasfids begin with a small fleet, this means alliances with other strong naval powers is likely needed.

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