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The Kingdom of Bahamani

Starting Resource: 20
-- From Land: 17
-- From Trade: 3

Capital Territory: Bombay
Nation Class: Medium

Total Starting Military
Infantry: 10
Cavalry: 2
Knights: 0
Artillery: 0
Generals: 1
Merchantmen: 1
Frigates: 1
Ships of the Line: 0

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The Bahmani Kingdom (Also called the Bahmanid Empire) was a Muslim state of the Deccan in southern India. The sultanate was founded in 1347 by the Turkish governor Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah, who revolted against the Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq. His revolt was successful, and he established an independent state on Deccan out of the Delhi Sultanate's southern provinces. The Bahmani capital was Ahsanabad (Gulbarga) between 1347 and about 1425, when it was moved to Muhammadabad (Bidar), then eventually Bombay. The Bahmani contested for control of the Deccan with the Hindu Vijayanagara empire to the south. The sultanate reached the peak of its power during the vizierate (14661481) of Mahmud Gawan.

The Bahamani Kingdom while at the appex of its historical power is still vulnerable to the power of Delhi. The Bahamani will need strong allies to confront Delhi unless they are able to work out a mutually beneficial alliance with them.

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