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1483 Online Strategic Essays on Video

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The Hasfid Caliphate by guildofblades

If you have strategtic essays on video for any 1483 Online nation or about 1483 online in general, please E-Mail Us with a short message about your video and a link where we can download it. If you do not have a website to host it where we may download it we will work with you to arrange a means to get the file. If you have a video essay on tape and need us to convert it for online you can mail your videos to:

Guild of Blades Publishing Group
C/O 1483 Videos
409 Amesbury Dr
Davison, MI 48423, USA

Sorry, we can not return the original video tape, but we can freely make a copy of the digital version available to you once our staff processes it and puts it online.

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